Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Little Things: A Poem

The Little Things

They’ve given me(us)the prognosis already
The clock is ticking down now
Set in motion by the hand of oblivion
There’s so much I wanted to learn
And experience
But I’ve run out of time
So I’ll settle for remembering

Hold onto the little things
You’ll learn the big stuff all over again
They’ll let you know who the President is
But they cannot, or will not,
 Remind you of the time when
You were asked to go for a drink
With the woman who answers the phones in your office
And you ended up meeting the person you’d be touched by most
They can’t tell you how her smile looked in the dim light of the bar
Nor can they tell you how it felt when she came home one night
Crying her eyes out
And yelling she’d made a mistake
You might forget the tears that fell on the spot
 Where her car had once been parked
But I doubt it

There are things you will want to forget
Things like that
You think you’d be better off without
But I can tell you now
That all those painful memories
All those tears
They made you who you are
That’s what you need to remember
Hold onto the little things.

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