Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gallows Hill: A Poem

Were you there when dogmatic suspicions trumped the laws of other kinds?
Did you see me stand upon the cart-trembling in my binds?
Did you see me stare down at their faces with an expression of disgust, as those puritans did rally for the cause they thought was just?
Did you hear the noose-man’s order just before he draped my neck, with a bulky length of rope above my temporary deck?
Did you smell the burning flesh of the thousands who before had been burned upon the stake for the same crime I now bore?
Did you feel the pain of lessons lost, that history had to teach 
As I looked upon the ground where my feet were out of reach?
As they pulled my cart away, did you hear the axel squeal?
While death’s grip seized my throat, at the turning of the wheel?
Did you see the branch above me shake, when laden with my weight?
Did you revel with the others, or did you hesitate?
Did you find it at all peculiar, as the noose did seal my fate,
That a witch of my great stature couldn’t even levitate?
That a dark, demonic creature who could sap a town of hope
Was vanquished by some binder twine and a strand of inch-thick rope?
Did you grin with satisfaction when you heard my frail spine break
Or did you look into my pleading eyes and accept the great mistake?

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